Escape from the City

imageTerletak di Cisarua, Bogor – Jawa Barat, Pondok Lawu merupakan tempat peristirahatan sempurna bagi mereka yang ingin melupakan sejenak hiruk-pikuknya kota & pekerjaan dengan harga terjangkau.

Located in Cisarua, Bogor – West Java, Pondok Lawu is the perfect affordable retreat for those looking to escape the busy city of Jakarta.

Available units:
- Vila Utama: 3 Bedrooms Villa (3 Bathrooms)
- Wood Cabin: 3 Bedrooms Villa (2 Bathrooms)
- Minahasa: 6 Bedrooms Villa (4 Bathrooms)
- Joglo: Meeting Hall (2 Bathrooms)

Other facilities:
- 2 Swimming Pools
- 2 Gazebos
- Huge Outdoor & Garden
- 2 Children Playground
- 1 Fishing Pond
- Parking lots near each villa

Staff & Housekeeping:
- 24 hour staff & security
- Daily Housekeeping
General Information
Jl. Padat Karya (Jogjogan) 39, RT 03/03
Jogjogan – Batulayang Cisarua, Bogor

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